Domestic Money Transfer

Interstate migrations has sky rocketed as never before with globalization and reforms in the domestic policies. Poor who work as daily laborers and contract workers has migrated across the country in search of their livelihood which has increased the need for remittance for back home.

At Ramson, we are delivering Domestic Remittance/ money transfer services for migrants and last mile customers by partnering with financial institutions and EKO/- mobile technology provider and business correspondent for SBI, ICICI and Yes Bank. We operate through customer service points and mobile phones where people can walk-in and access instant remittance service to any bank in India.

We have pioneered in setting up sales and distribution network, channel management, implementing the business processes for the financial institutions, and end-to-end operations by adapting innovative technologies thus delivering easy to user remittance service, increased reach and customer satisfaction with increased transparency.

Remittances are lifeline of the migrants, we are proud to impact their lives by providing reliable, fast and efficient remittance services. For more details, please Contact Us.