Financial Inclusion

Our objective is to provide everyone with the bank account and build low cost financial services infrastructure to increase the reach of financial institutions to un-banked. In our system, we believe in being tuned into the needs of the target segment to provide secure, simple and convenient financial services in a cost effective and scalable manner. We have partnered with financial Institutions and service providers, to serve low income group customers to open bank accounts and manage their financial needs. Our exceptional talents and industry specific experience has helped us build business processes, scale operations and deploy infrastructure in no-time.

With the increase of India's intra-country migration and low reach of bank infrastructure has created the need for alternate channel in remittance business. For delivering the remittance services for migrants and unbanked population we have built the infrastructure and integrated with the financial institutions for delivering the services which helped many to send money home.

To increase awareness among the migrant workers to use authorised bank agents for transactions and increase savings in the bank accounts,workshop and Financial Literacy development programmes has been conducted in Hyderabad Urban Migrant areas which helped 1000+ migrants workers use banking platforms for the transactions.

Value Additions :

  • Built and Managing over 250+ agent network/ Channel for State Bank of India, ICICI Bankand Yes Bank for delivering the financial services.
  • Holds the presence in 26+ Villages and 6 Districts of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.
  • Over 1 Million+ transactions are performed in FY'2013-14.
  • Partnered with EKO/- and shared their infrastructure in deployment of services.
  • Conducted extensive market research study on "Financial Literacy, Technology Acceptance and Financial Inclusion: A Study of Hyderabad Urban Dwellers' Knowledge, Attitude and Behaviour towards FinancialServices." By Partnering with University of Hyderabad.

We are much focused in building next generation products to increase the usability of financial services among the people, especially increasing the usability of the accounts opened in Financial Inclusion activity by bringing-in merchantpayments, insurance and all the necessary cash transactions to electronic. Being the assassin of cash, we are proud to participate in building the cashless society.