"We strongly believe in customer satisfaction over discovering, developing and implementing the unique solutions along with high quality performance."

About Us

Founded in 2011, Ramson Group has evolved as company offering a range of high quality and scalable managed services that can be tailored to blend seamlessly with any business model. We work in close with our customers to exploit the vulnerabilities and to provide competitive advantage in today's accelerated global market place.

We work closely with our partners to expand their business capabilities by combining technology with expertise for achieving complex goals. We support our customers to increase their efficiency which is capped by the system in which they work, to gain the maximum output from all of your resources that company needs, a strong, fast and secure system. Our knowledge and experience will help businesses tobuild go-to market strategies, scale operations, business process management, analytical services,IT and cloud based implementations, E-business solutions, Information security management, Identity and access management, Business Intelligence and analytics.

Our services are served with a pool of experienced technical experts to add value, maximize performance and reduce costs using both innovative and proven methods combined with the latest technologies. We strongly believe in customer satisfaction which not only includes discovering, developing and implementing the unique solutions but also achieving the goals with high quality performance which is just important.

Since, pioneering its onsite/offshore model Ramson Group emerging as global provider of innovativeconsulting, technology and outsourcing services. This critical change in direction has enabled the company to deliver accelerated results at significant low cost advantage to our partners globally. Our core competency is in resource management. We specialize in getting the right resource at the right place at the right time. One of the important aspects of this core competency is the skill assessment - which we extend as a customized service to our customers.